SolorGlow Hosting — Minecraft Hosting

SolorGlow Hosting, We offer affordable Minecraft server hosting along with discord hosting! Our support team is great and will setup plugins and more for you!

Pricing. Reimagined.

We aren’t your regular host, we charge by the day, not by the month, this means no more paying for unused hosting, if you don’t want hosting you can cancel at anytime, that combined with the absurdly cheap prices makes buying from us a no brainer!

Here at SolorGlow Hosting we heavily believe in keeping our prices as low as possible and providing GREAT customer service.

We have our pricing plan which allows you to pay by the day instead of the month! This means that if you delete your server you do not have to be paying for extra hosting you don’t need!

Other hosts make you pay monthly which can really hurt your pockets if you cancel your server plan! Our great customer service means that you won’t have to wait a lifetime just to get simple support! If you have something in needing of being fixed we can do that efficiently.

We are trusted by the community, here are just some of the AMAZING servers hosted by us

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